Under the light of the section 30, National Disaster Management Act 2010, the directions for the operation of the “Provincial Disaster Management Fund” are as under:- 

1. Title of Account

The Fund would be maintained through a bank account. The title of the account would be “Gilgit Baltistan Disaster Management Fund”

2. Nature of the Account

a. The account would be maintained in any branch of the scheduled Bank of Pakistan.

b. The account would be maintained either in local or in foreign currency.

c. The fund would be maintained in current or PLS account.

d. The profit earned on the fund if any, would be credited to the fund.

e. The fund would be exempted from the deductions of Zakat or taxes.

3. Financing of the Funds

The fund may be financed through all or any of the following sources:-

a. Grants made by the federal government.

b. Grants made by the provincial government.

c. Loans raised by the provincial disaster management authority (herein after called authority).

d. Aids received by the authority from national or international agencies.

e. Donations received by the authority form national or international agencies.

4. Withdrawal of the Fund

(i) The fund shall be administered by the authority towards meeting the expenses for emergency anywhere in Gilgit-Baltistan including

a. Preparedness

b. Response

c. Mitigation;

d. Relief and reconstruction

(ii) The money from the fund may also be used in payment of :-

a. Expenses incurred by the authority in performing its functions under the national disaster management act 2010

b. Expenses for such other purposes of the act as may be prescribed. However, the money from the fund should not be used for current expenditure of the authority.

5. Operation of accounts

(i) Approval of the expenditure;

a. DG, GBDMA will be competent to give approval up to RS 3 LAC.

b. Secretary home and prison will be competent to give approval up to RS 5 lac.

c. For the cases involving expenditure more than RS 5 lac.

Committee comprising. Chief secretary (Chairman) Secretary finance Member Secretary works (B&R) Member Secretary LG&RD Member DG GBDMA Member

(ii) The bank accounts will be operated by the director general of the authority through his specimen signature.

(iii) Cases pertaining to the expenditure incurred by DDMAs would be sent by the DCs/Chairman DDMAs to DG,GBDMA. Such cases would be duly signed and verified by the DCs, District head of the executing agency i.e B&R/W&P/LG&RD and the concerned assistant commissioner of the subdivision.

6. Maintenance of books of Accounts, Bank Statements and Audit.

a. Director General of the authority would, by written orders, assign the responsibility of the maintenance of books of accounts to any of the officers of the authority.

b. The books of account pertaining to fund would be subject to audit by the office of the Director General Audit Gilgit-Baltistan.

c. Bank statement showing all the transactions pertaining to the fund would be placed before the members of the authority on quarterly basis for perusal.



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